Standards and Points

Burmese Show Standard

GENERAL: the overall impression of the ideal Burmese would be a cat of medium size with substantial bone structure, good muscular development and a surprising weight for its size. This together with a rounded head, expressive eyes and a sweet expression presents a totally distinctive cat which is comparable to no other breed. Perfect physical condition, with excellent muscle tone. There should be no evidence of obesity, paunchiness, weakness, or apathy.

HEAD, EARS, and EYES: head pleasingly rounded without flat planes whether viewed from the front or side. The face is full with considerable breadth between the eyes and blends gently into a broad, well-developed short muzzle that maintains the rounded contours of the head. In profile there is a visible nose break. The chin is firmly rounded, reflecting a proper bite. The head sits on a well-developed neck. The ears are medium in size, set well apart, broad at the base and rounded at the tips. Tilting slightly forward, the ears contribute to an alert appearance. The eyes are large, set far apart, with rounded aperture.

BODY: medium in size, muscular in development, and presenting a compact appearance. Allowance to be made for larger size in males. An ample, rounded chest, with back level from shoulder to tail.

LEGS: well proportioned to body.

PAWS: round. Toes: five in front and four behind.

TAIL: straight, medium in length.

COAT: fine, glossy, satin-like texture; short and very close lying.

PENALIZE: distinct barring on either the front or rear outer legs. Trace (faint) barring permitted in kittens and young adults. Elongated muzzle with severe narrowing, resulting in a wedgeshaped head which detracts from the rounded contours of the head. Green eyes. Abnormal tail.

DISQUALIFY: kinked tail, lockets or spots. Blue eyes. Crossed eyes. Incorrect nose leather or paw pad color. Malocclusion of the jaw that results in a severe underbite or overbite that visually prohibits the described profile and/or malformation that results in protruding teeth or a wry face or jaw. Distinct barring on the torso. Any color other than the four accepted colors of sable, champagne, blue and platinum.

Point score

HEAD, EARS, and EYES (30)

  • Roundness of head 7
  • Breadth between eyes and Full face 6
  • Proper profile (includes Chin) 6
  • Ear set, placement, and size 6
  • Eye placement and shape 5


  • Torso 15
  • Muscle tone 5
  • Legs and Feet 5
  • Tail 5

COAT (10)

  • Short 4
  • Texture 4
  • Close lying 2

COLOR (30)

  • Body color 25
  • Eye color 5

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