Friends and Partners

Our cats are imported from one of the best US Cattery of traditional Burmese — Mouse Island.

Mouse Island Cattery

Owner: Prudence Dorazio
Cattery: Mouse Island (CFA)
Location: Noank, CT

Cattery of Excellence 2007 — 2008 — 2009 — 2010 — 2011

These are the breeders Prudence and Ernest Dorazio, Mouse Island Cattery. And I would like to express my very special thank you for having trust in us and supporting our every step. They help to turn hobby into real passion!

Art & Kristi Graafmans

Owners: Art & Kristi Graafmans
Cattery: De Bears (CFA)
Location: Orange County, CA
Phone number: 949-650-8746

Lauri & Mike Henry

Owners: Lauri & Mike Henry
Cattery: Singita Cattery (CFA)
Location: Rochester, Minnesota

Bon Marché Cattery

Owners: Suzanne Kuttnauer-Berrin
Cattery: Bon Marché (CFA)
Location: San Diego, CA

Home of GC BW RW Bon Marche' Diablo

CFA's Best Sable Burmese in Championship
CFA's Highest Scoring Burmese in Championship

BEST IN SHOW — CFA INT'L's Best Sable Burmese Champion 2005
SWR's 7th Best Cat in Championship
SWR's Best Sable Burmese in Championship
NABB's Highest Scoring Burmese
Winner of Southern CA Burmese Club's «Manhattan Trophy» 2005

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