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Kittens LyuboBurm Jovoy, Beaufort

Kittens LyuboBurm Jovoy, Beaufort
Sir — GC LyuboBurm Marvin Welsh
Dam — LyuboBurm Patchouli
котята американской бурмы

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We have new sable kittens!

kittens burma

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GC LYUBOBURM MOSES — New CFA Grand-Champion in our Cattery!

New CFA Grand-Champion in our Cattery!
CG LyuboBurm Moses

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CFA Show Season 2017—2018 Results

  • LyuboBurm Marvin Welsh Grand Champion CFA , Best Sable Burmese in Europe

CFA Show Season 2017—2018 Results:
Our Sable male GC LyuboBurm Marvin Welsh won CFA Grand Champion title and Best Sable Burmese in Europe 2017—2018.
Our Sable beauty LyuboBurm Ida won Best Burmese kitten in CFA Europe in 2017—2018.

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Kittens American Burmese LyuboBurm Eliza, Dakota, Tristan

  • Котята американской бурмы LyuboBurm Eliza, Dakota, Tristan

Kittens American Burmese LyuboBurm

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New CFA Grand-Champion LyuboBurm Baldr!


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Big thank you to Mireille Sicart, Lac Hong cattery for great reasults, care and love of our boy Umka!

GC LyboBurm UMKA of Lac Hong

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Наши питомцы украсили Lookbook коллекции модной женской одежды осень-зима 2017—2018 от известного бренда Alena Goretskaya

Our elegant Burmese were invited to present Alena Goretskaya Fall-Winter 2017-18 LookBook. Individuality of style, creative design solutions, precise attention and care for details made it possible for the brand to gain a reputable place among the fashion industry leaders in a short time.

Big thank you to Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva for impeccable sense of style and new unforgettable emotions!


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