About the cattery

Welcome to the home page of LyuboBurm – Cattery of the Traditional American Burmese.

LyuboBurm Cattery was established in 2008 (registered at The Cat’s Fanciers Association Inc.) and currently being a member of two main breed associations: UBCF (United Burmese Cats Fanciers) and NABB (National Alliance of Burmese Breeders Inc).


Having brought our first cat Sheron, we have registered our cattery. The name we chose for the cattery has the Russian «flavour», our American friends-breeders specially asked for it. «Lyubo» in Russian refers to an idiomatic expression «lyubo-dorogo» which means to appreciate the beauty – beauty of the amazing Burmese. CFA registration took place in August 2008.

Our aim

  • Work only with pure lines of the traditional American type
  • Breeding of healthy offsprings
  • Development and promotion of the Burmese in Russia

About us

We live in Moscow. We love this breed! And strongly believe that it is to be your cat if:

  1. If you are looking for a smart, understanding friend-companion. This cat will be following your every step trying to be aware of everything around you. Burmese cat’s happiness is to know she is loved. And she will be returning you love!
  2. If you are looking for a quite, sweet, and cuddly cat then Burmese is not your type. This cat is very active, curious and needs a company!
  3. If you love dogs, Burmese is for you! This breed is known as a cat-dog for its friendly character and attachment to people.
  4. If you have children – Burmese will be playing with them, running around and fetching a ball just like a dog. Burmese are always playing regardless their age.
  5. If you have a country-house – Burmese would love to have a little ride in your car and will take country house as its second home.
  6. If you are worried about your flowers, expensive furniture and curtains – Burmese is very clever and will not destroy anything if it has something to play with, claws buffer, its own sleeping spot somewhere by the window or balcony.
  7. If you are a busy person – Burmese is a very healthy low-maintenance animal! You will be visiting a vet just once or twice a year.
  8. If you are not keen on dealing with fur – Burmese’s fur is quite short and shinny, you will need to comb it once every two weeks.
  9. Do not worry that the cat would need special food. Today you can find a big number of different food labels, and your cat will definitely choose the favourite.
  10. If you love Burmese just as much as we do because.
  • Burmese — is a strong dynamic personality...
  • Burmese – is harmony and sheer beauty that you cannot take your eyes off...
  • Burmese – is a friend that will never betray nor disappoint
  • Burmese – is love that is always with you...

Natalie and Alex

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